B.J.S. Rampuria Jain Law College

Affiliated to MGS University, Bikaner
Approved by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi.

Ph.D. Scholars

( 1 ) Sarwan Bishnoi, Capital Punishment and the Human Rights of the Condemhed Persons. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa)
( 2 ) D.K. Singh, Concept of Plea Bargaining. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
( 3 ) Priyanka Joshi, Citizenship: Discourse, Theory, And Transnational Prospects. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
( 4 ) nil Ponia, Prison Reforms in Modern Perspective And Application of Probation Law in India. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
( 5 ) Monika Sharma, The strategy of Juvenile Justice and Human Rights. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
( 6 ) Kiran Purohit, Freedom of Conscience and Constitutional Jurisprudence. (Dr. Anant Joshi)
( 7 ) Suman Lata, State Action and Human Rights Jurisprudence. (Dr. Anant Joshi)
( 8 ) Vijay Shanker, Rule Against Bias. (Dr. Anant Joshi)