1. Sarwan Bishnoi, Capital Punishment and the Human Rights of the Condemned Persons. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa)
  2. D.K. Singh, Concept of Plea Bargaining. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
  3. Priyanka Joshi, Citizenship: Discourse, Theory, And Transnational Prospects. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
  4. nil Ponia, Prison Reforms in Modern Perspective And Application of Probation Law in India. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
  5. Monika Sharma, The strategy of Juvenile Justice and Human Rights. (Dr. Bitthal Bissa )
  6. Kiran Purohit, Freedom of Conscience and Constitutional Jurisprudence. (Dr. Anant Joshi)
  7. Suman Lata, State Action and Human Rights Jurisprudence. (Dr. Anant Joshi)
  8. Vijay Shanker, Rule Against Bias. (Dr. Anant Joshi)