Dr. Anant Joshi
Sr. Name Research
1 Suman Lata State Action and Human Rights Jurisprudence (An Analytical Study)
2 Vijay Shanker Vyas The Rule Against Bias and Natural Justice Perspective (An Analytical Study)
3 Kiran Purohit Freedom of Conscience and Constitutional Jurisprudence (An Analytical Study)
4 Manoj Vyas Environmental Jurisprudence and Noise Pollution [A Study in Constitutional Law and Practice]
5 Reetesh Vyas National Human Rights Commission and It’s Institutional Functional Aspects [ An Analytical Study]
6 Shrafat Ali Refugee Problem and Human Rights Jurisprudence [An Analytical Study]
7 Sashi Kala Acharya Distributive Justice and Socio-Economic Challenges [An Analytical Study]
8 Pooja Chhimpa Prison in India : An overview of Reforms and Current Situation [An Analytical Study]
9 Preety Golcha Human Rights of Victims of Crime: Legislative and Constitutional Prespective (Specific Reference to Compensatory Jurisprudence)
Dr. Bitthal Bissa
Sr. Name Research
1 Anil Ponia Ensuring Prisoner’s Human Rights within And Outside The Prisons (An Analytical Study)
2 Bal Mukund Vyas Non-Governmental Organizations and Human Rights Activism.
3 D.K. Singh Concept of Plea Bargaining
4 Govind Singh Rajpal Corporate Governance : Issues and Concerns
5 Monika Sharma The strategy of Juvenile Justice and Human Rights.
6 Priyanka Joshi Citizenship: Discourse, Theory, And Transnational Prospects[An Evaluative Study in Constitutional Perspective ]
7 Sarwan Bishnoi Capital Punishment and the Human Rights of the Condemned Persons.
8 Sitaram Tak Uniform Civil Code : Issues and Concerns.
9 Sunil Gopal Purohit Civil Services Jurisprudence: Perspective and Problems.
10 Sunita Bhadoo Public Interest Litigation : Problems and Perspective.
11 Shri Ram Dhaka Various Dimension of Judicial Control on Administrative Triubnals (Singhayniya University)