Dr. Anant Joshi
Sr. Name Research
1 Suman Lata State Action and Human Rights Jurisprudence (An Analytical Study)
2 Vijay Shanker Vyas The Rule Against Bias and Natural Justice Perspective (An Analytical Study)
3 Kiran Purohit Freedom of Conscience and Constitutional Jurisprudence (An Analytical Study)
4 Manoj Vyas Environmental Jurisprudence and Noise Pollution [A Study in Constitutional Law and Practice]
5 Reetesh Vyas National Human Rights Commission and It's Institutional Functional Aspects [ An Analytical Study]
6 Shrafat Ali Refugee Problem and Human Rights Jurisprudence [An Analytical Study]
7 Sashi Kala Acharya Distributive Justice and Socio-Economic Challenges [An Analytical Study]
8 Pooja Chhimpa Prison in India : An overview of Reforms and Current Situation [An Analytical Study]
9 Preety Golcha Human Rights of Victims of Crime: Legislative and Constitutional Prespective (Specific Reference to Compensatory Jurisprudence)
10 Malika Parvin Jurisprudential Concept of Amending Process of Constitution and Theory of Basic Features Under Indian Constitution
Dr. Bitthal Bissa
Sr. Name Research
1 Anil Ponia Ensuring Prisoner’s Human Rights within And Outside The Prisons (An Analytical Study)
2 Bal Mukund Vyas Non-Governmental Organizations and Human Rights Activism.
3 D.K. Singh Concept of Plea Bargaining
4 Govind Singh Rajpal Corporate Governance : Issues and Concerns
5 Monika Sharma The strategy of Juvenile Justice and Human Rights.
6 Priyanka Joshi Citizenship: Discourse, Theory, And Transnational Prospects[An Evaluative Study in Constitutional Perspective ]
7 Sarwan Bishnoi Capital Punishment and the Human Rights of the Condemned Persons.
8 Sitaram Tak Uniform Civil Code : Issues and Concerns.
9 Sunil Gopal Purohit Civil Services Jurisprudence: Perspective and Problems.
10 Sunita Bhadoo Public Interest Litigation : Problems and Perspective.
11 Shri Ram Dhaka Various Dimension of Judicial Control on Administrative Triubnals (Singhayniya University)